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The best option for temporary or permanent site housing is modular building construction, which can accommodate high quality amenities of any size, suitable for families and single occupants.

Welfare facilities that are modular are adaptable and can be moved to new locations or simply modified over time to meet changing needs of the residents and the local authorities. CSM Fast track construction programmes result in roomy, pleasant, and energy-efficient eco-friendly housing while causing the least amount of disruption on the site.



Ecologically sound and energy-efficient Cheval Social Management modular social welfare Solutions provides custom built structures to meet unique needs, such as housing for protracted construction developments. These top-notch, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient buildings can be planned as single- or multi-story buildings to fit the available space on smaller sites.

Adaptable welfare CSM Modular social welfare facilities are high quality structures built to last, Energy efficient, sustainable, bespoke to individual requirements and equally important quick to install and cost efficient to all.


Clean Living

from Cheval



Renewable Energy Cheval Social Management trust that a combination of wind and solar power has all the necessary prerequisites to play a leading role in the global energy transition and the shift towards using green energy sources. The Wind Turbines can be easily combined with solar and energy storage in turnkey microgrid systems, creating an all-encompassing solution for continuous energy supply.

Many of the benefits of wind turbines are common to other renewables, their role in combatting climate change by exploiting wind power means reducing the use of fossil fuels, thereby cutting emissions of carbon dioxide, fine particles and other climate altering substances responsible for the greenhouse effect.

CSM believe that wind power can also improve and achieve energy self-sufficiency, offering undeniable economic benefits while also being a step in the direction of sustainable development. Additionally, wind is an abundant source of energy that is both inexhaustible and unlimited over time.

• Plug & Play Modular Design - System interconnects into the power system.

• Equipment Reliability. High-efficient wind-generators integrated with certified 3rd party products

• Turnkey Microgrid Systems. Built & commissioned by“local” licensed & certified EPC strategic; 3rd party operation & maintenance (O&M) services.

• Efficiency & Resiliency. “Real time” microcontrollers monitor & optimize entire system efficiency reduce OPEX & ensure “lights on” in the event of utility power failures.

• Maintenance and Customer Services. Real time data through sensors and after sales service.

• Sensors also capture very local weather data, base for local forecasts.

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