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A dwelling structure built on a steel chassis and fitted with wheels that is intended to be hauled to a usually permanent site. Individuals often use the term mobile home to describe Park Homes, whilst static caravans are normally referred to when discussing holiday parks.

CSM mobile homes (also static caravan) consist of a prefabricated structure, built in a factory on a permanently attached chassis before being transported to site, where they are used as permanent homes, temporary accommodation and emergency housing. They are often left permanently or semi-permanently in one place, but can be moved.

The production of mobile housing is considered a vital part of the solution to the growing housing shortage many local authorities face, fuelled by high demand and high prices. The affordability of a mobile home is therefore of the utmost importance for CSM. The average cost of a mobile home is substantially lower than a traditional site-built home.


Structural Strength In terms of structural strength, CSM Mobile homes are built under the principled factory production process, we require that mobile homes meet standards for "structural design, construction, fire safety, energy efficiency, and transportation from the factory to the customer’s home site."

Versatility As CSM mobile homes are manufactured, this allows long-term options. Essential manufactured mobile homes can be extremely affordable, people who own an appropriate site can start small, with the option of adding additional mobile homes as their needs change. A mobile home may also serve as a starter home for families who plan to build a larger, permanent structure at some point in the future.

Another option, a mobile home could be moved to another site if the existing location is not a long- term option, or if the initial site was on rented property.

Construction Timetable Buying or renting a mobile home can mean moving into your own home faster. The timetable can be as short as 30-90 days for a home to be move-in ready. If time is of the essence, talk to our team regarding the availability of CSM refurbished mobile homes.

Fast Installation The final installation and utility connection work moves quickly and, before long, you will be preparing meals in your new kitchen, sleeping in your new bedroom and organizing your new life. When you choose to purchase a home in the CSM mobile home community, you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can begin to enjoy your new lifestyle in a home of your own. There are few things more exciting than watching your own home take shape, let CSM get you to the finish line.

Mobile homes
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